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Cinébuleuse (a.k.a Alice Dontenwille) is a French multifaceted artist, who uses both cinema and dance to tell stories about the strange beauty of madness and the poetry of monsters. Mainly influenced by genre cinema (horror, supernatural, cyberpunk, science-fiction), 80's post-punk dark wave music and lovecraftian/gothic literature, she also works as a self-taught writer, graphic artist and illustrator.

During her ongoing film editing studies, she has written and directed over five short films, including stop-motion animation, and two documentaries. Alongside her final year at French national film school La CinéFabrique, she keeps on writing and developing shorts and feature film projects.

She has been practising contemporary dance for 14 years, starting at the age of six at her local dance school. Though she doesn't have the standard path of a preprofessional dancer, she stands out with her energy, expressiveness and her strong sense of rythm and musicality. She's currently working on the choreography of two personal pieces, and dances around eight hours a week.

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